Change your Beer Drinking habits with These Tips

There are millions of beer drinkers around the world, each with their own unique preference across a wide range of beers, enjoying the product in pubs, clubs and bars, while a large number of people drink beer at home and that number is growing, thanks to craft beer microbreweries. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy beer in a variety of environments.

  • Online Ordering –You are no longer limited to the few brands found at your local supermarket or liquor store, as craft beer producers sell their beer via their website. All it takes is a Google search to find the nearest microbrewery to you and they likely have a bar when you can drink their beer in a relaxing environment. Order a mixed selection slab and sample some of the best locally brewed pilsners and pale ales, made with local ingredients using old European recipes.
  • Shared Driving – We all know the penalty for drinking and driving; it simply isn’t worth taking the risk – you could be on your way home after a few beers, minding your own business when another vehicle slams into your rear end. Of course, a rear end is the fault of the other driver but if you have been drinking, that’s another thing altogether. If you share pub time with 3-4 friends, take turns to be the assigned driver, which is a lesson in self-discipline and your turn will give you a chance to sample some of those exotic fruit drinks.
  • Try an Aluminium Thermos Glass – Relatively new on the scene, they are modelled on the water bottles that are so popular; cold beer stays cold and there’s no condensation build up, thanks to the thin thermal insulation. Some beer drinkers prefer the traditional pint glass, while others like to chug straight from the can, or you might be a bottle drinker. If taste retention is important, the thermos glass is a game-changer and they can be found online and only cost a few dollars.
  • Craft Beers – Some people have yet to sample the creation of small, independent brewers, who take tried and trusted European recipes and use locally grown ingredients to produce amazing craft beers. Your local microbrewery can easily be found with Google and what’s more, you can order from their website.

Beer drinkers can rejoice at the emergence of the craft beer sector, which provides you with a wide choice of superb pilsners, pale ales and lagers, all at affordable prices.

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