Tips to Enjoy Frozen Blueberries in Your Recipes All Year Round

Blueberries are winter fruits but people enjoy berry recipes all around the year using frozen blueberries. They perform great even in dishes that you made using just fresh blueberries ranging from muffins to salad and oatmeal to pies.

Tips to use frozen blueberries all around the year

For baking

When you thaw frozen blueberries in cold water, they sink to pan bottom. To avert this issue when you are about to bake delicious blueberry muffins or lemon loaf toss unthawed berries along with little flour you will use as per the listed ingredients. Berries can also be layered like pour half batter in the pan and then sprinkle some blueberries then pour remaining batter and top it with rest of the blueberries,

For different berry recipes frozen berries can be used

  • Smoothies stay cool and tasty with frozen berries. Freezing starts to breakdown making the berries to blend easily.
  • Blueberry sauce cooks quickly and has smooth texture even with frozen berries.
  • You can even try frozen blueberries to make blueberry sorbet rapidly, as time for freezing gets reduced.
  • You don’t need to thaw blueberries to be used in morning oatmeal. Throw some as soon as the oatmeal is ready because its heat will thaw berries as well as cool it right away for kids to eat.
  • Buy grade A IQF blueberries, if you choose to use them in frozen state for making blueberry pineapple salsa or blueberry salad. IQF graded blueberries hold their rounded shape even after they are thawed.
  • Eating frozen blueberries is similar to enjoying fresh blueberries. Throw them in lemonade or sparkling water to drink refreshing beverage in summer. As they are frozen, they act as little ice-cubes but on much tasty side.
  • Toss a handful on your vanilla yogurt, each blueberry ends up with thin coating and tastes like ice-cream [a lot].

You can find the best frozen blueberries supplier online. It will help you get quality product that can be used in your recipes, even in summer.

Eating fresh and juicy blueberries by handful is a treat but sometime you may not have access to fresh one then frozen too make a yummy treat. However, it is recommended to turn frozen blueberries into dessert by drizzling warm honey on it. Frozen berries will make your treats like muffins, pancakes, and yogurt healthier. Whole blueberries make flavored ice cubes that can be enjoyed in hot summer.

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