How to Add Brand Awareness — Designer Coffee Cups

Although disposable tableware was recently considered unacceptable for establishments worried about their reputation, the modern rhythm and way of life dictate its laws. Disposable tableware has not entirely disappeared from our lives. On the contrary, it has become almost impossible to do without it. It has been modernized and has become environmentally friendly, safe, and convenient. The custom disposable coffee cups are becoming more common, and fast food outlets and coffee, juice, and cocktail outlets are increasingly choosing disposable paper cups for themselves, taking care of their customers. They are ideal for both hot drinks.

The best coffee cups

Disposable paper cups have gained popularity among the owners of vending machines. These cups are easily separated from each other, which reduces machine downtime due to sticking problems. Having received coffee in such a cup, your guest will appreciate the care for him, and loyalty to your business will increase. You can also provide customers with the opportunity to complete the paper cup with a lid and provide wooden or plastic coffee stirrers.

Innovative technologies allow making lids for cups, which will keep coffee hot for a long time due to the tight fit. The lids are suitable for airtight packaging of beverages, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. This way you will emphasize the image of a café or fast-food restaurant at a low cost.

Characteristics of cups

This product is entirely safe for humans, made of two-layer paper with an additional layer of polyethylene on the inside and a rough surface on the outside. Thanks to this, the cup does not get wet, sits comfortably and firmly in hand, and does not allow you to get burned. The main types of coffee cups are as follows:

  • Depending on volume. The most popular are cups with 100 ml and 250 ml volumes. Depending on the manufacturer, there are also volumes of 165 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml, and other types.
  • Additional accessories. It’s about having a lid. It is convenient because it prevents coffee from spilling while walking or driving. Coffee cups with a lid have become a real breakthrough and are used not only for coffee but also for any other drinks.
  • It is an indicator that does not affect the quality of the product but is very interesting from an advertising point of view. Multicolored cups attract customers, which many cafés and other establishments use. You can put any advertisement or information on them, and drinking a drink from a bright cup is very pleasant.

If you purchase large factory packaging of this product, then the prices for disposable coffee cups will be much lower. In addition, if you have a coffee machine, then disposable cups, no matter how many there are, will never be superfluous.

Effective Advertising

According to your order, any images and inscriptions can be applied to the surface of paper cups. Marketers can safely use this opportunity for inexpensive and, most importantly, effective advertising. Such advertising does not oblige to anything, thanks to which customers loyally perceive it, increasing your brand recognition and loyalty.

It is pleasant to hold such cups in your hands. They do not burn your hands and look pretty attractive, especially if they are decorated with a bright logo, positive pattern, or inscription. Especially such a marketing move will be appreciated by young people.

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