Have You Tried Scissors Cut Curry Rice?

Scissors cut curry rice, otherwise a lot more frequently known as “Cai Fan” (essentially converted to Veggie Rice in Chinese) is a food that I always consider as one that is unique to Singapore. Be it in the routine kopitiams, hawker centres or the cool food courts you might conveniently identify a minimum of one “Cai Fan” stall within the premises.

With the spreading of “Cai Fan” stalls almost everywhere on our sunny small island, what exactly makes the Coastline Roadway Scissor Cut Curry Rice sticks out among the rest? But prior to we enter into that concern, one would probably ask why the “Scissor Cut” title?

The curry is the star of the show

I entirely adore the charming reddish-earth-brown shade. The gentle liquid glides down well and is just so yummy!

After that there’s the pork and cabbage. Totally adored the sauce too. I knew that I am very much a sauce individual. If the sauce is prepared well, chances are, the food would certainly taste good. Well most of the time.

The trademark thick as well as starched curry gravy mixed with cooked sauce and this is what creates the Scissor Cut Curry Rice so prominent among clients.

What to order

The essential features for the store are their pork as well as chicken chop in addition to their braised black pork or pork tummy. Their fried variations are minimal day-to-day as well as get sold out quickly! The really uninviting looking black pork above, is scissor cut to little bite dimension, hence the “scissor-cut” in its shop name. Being fairly a pork enthusiast myself, I would certainly claim it is an out-of-the-world pork cut which not anyone can quickly reproduce, not even my own granny! It permeates with taste of seasonings that is skillfully infiltrated the meat as well as yet not overpowering.

The meat balls or ngohhiong, is a rolled over beancurb skin, as well as I think deep fried with a layer of egg over it. It is among the most gratifying ngohhiong, most home-tasting ngohhiong ever! Although unquestionably my grandmother’s is definitely better, yet this is a near second. Ngohhiong is definitely something that I want to discover just how to cook.

Besides their meat dishes, their veggies are excellent as well. In regular circumstances, I would certainly not have actually purchased cabbage with my economical or mixed-rice, however the cabbage right here are cooked so well that it matches the curry as you just need to eat effortlessly. Oh well, all food goes well with their curry anyways.

This sinful yet irresistible pork belly is just one of the stall’s most prominent dishes. Sliced from a whole piece of pork stomach utilizing the hallmark scissors prior to putting the braised gravy over. Certainly not the healthiest dish around however I make sure you would capitulate!

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